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age adds flavor


Welcome to Seasoned Times!

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Remember, age adds flavor.

We are not old, we are seasoned!

​Seasoned Times is for you!

Seasoned Times is dedicated to encouraging wise and healthy aging.  Designed for baby boomers, seniors and anyone 55+

"Senior" or "Baby Boomer?"

For most people, the "seasoned times" of life have come along a whole lot faster than we ever would have imagined back in our early days.

But time has given us many ​gifts along the way. We are who we are because of all the different experiences we have had over ​the years, and we have the reservoirs of strength, knowledge and understanding that can only come with age.

Time has sprinkled our lives with many flavors to taste ​and savor in our "seasoned" years. The later decades of life can be filled with joy, laughter, love, achievements, satisfaction, and even adventure.

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vibrant &

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