Social Interaction

Benefits of Housesharing in the "Seasoned" Years

Chores can be split up among all housemates according to their interests, talents, and abilities. Those who may not be as physically able to manage chores that are more physically demanding can take care of less arduous tasks.

Sharing the Workload

“Seasoned” Housemates

Financial Savings

You are living with people from the same generation who have lived through some of the same things you have, and you will probably relate fairly well to each other’s life experiences. It can be nice to have someone else around your own age

A Growing Trend to Consider

As “they” say," there’s safety in numbers." The odds of a crime occurring in a home are probably lower when you are living with other people rather than living by yourself. Plus, you don’t have to worry about facing a health crisis or emergency alone. Someone will be there to help.

Living with housemates costs a lot less than living alone. Housemates usually share most of the household expenses.

Safety and Security

Who doesn’t love an old episode of “The Golden Girls?” Sure, the show is a little dated now and often involves some pretty farfetched storylines, but it sure is fun to watch. As outlandish as the situations can get, the premise of the show itself is still believable. Those women live together in a way that makes sharing a house look possible and very appealing.

Today, there are more “Golden Girls” and “Golden Guys” sharing homes in “real life” than you might imagine. Becoming housemates is a growing trend among those of us in our seasoned years. After all, it makes a lot of sense.

Many people head into their seasoned years single or become single due to divorce or the death of a spouse. For some of us, sharing a house with other people our own age provides a more agreeable option than living alone or with family members.

Some homeowners want to remain in their homes but don’t want to live alone or can’t manage it financially so they opt to bring in housemates. Other people do not have the funds available to own a home in their later years and find that sharing someone else’s home is more affordable and makes sense. Then there are the people who simply desire the camaraderie of a home that includes other people close to their own age.

In some instances, a group of friends might decide to become housemates. Some friends may even decide to pool financial resources so they can purchase a home together. In other cases, housemates do not know each other at all and haven't even met prior to sharing a living space. There are online home-sharing websites popping up across the Internet designed specifically to connect older prospective housemates. Most list people looking for a shared housing opportunity as well as those who own a home they would like to share.

Of course, there are bound to be issues, difficulties, disagreements, etc. that come up when multiple people live together. However, no living arrangement is without challenges. As long as the people involved are upstanding, trustworthy, respectable, and caring, most problems can be overcome with open communication, honesty, mutual respect, and consideration. It is always important to investigate the background of people you do not know before moving in with them. Even with good friends, it wise to know exactly what you are getting into when becoming housemates. Having a legal, binding agreement is vital.

When it comes right down to it, the “Golden Girls” may be fictional characters in fictional situations, but the show does have something real to say about the benefits and joys of sharing a home with folks your own age. Here are just a few of the reasons housesharing may be something worth considering during the seasoned times of life.

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