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age adds flavor


By The Observant "Seasoned" Traveler*

* Just one "seasoned" (older) traveler's observations. Not to be considered a review or endorsement by Seasoned Times.

At peak season, Disney World can get very crowded so I planned my vacation for the off season. Many people find October a great time to visit Disney World. The weather is usually nice...not hot or humid. The parks are less congested and the rates are much lower than during the more popular holiday and summer seasons. 

I remember when Disney World was just one singular park. Now, the site includes four huge parks. There's the "Magic Kingdom," which is the original park. Visitors to the Magic Kingdom are enveloped in a setting of wonder and delight that is hosted by all our beloved Disney characters. Then there's "Epcot," which offers a glimpse into the culture and cuisine of different countries around the world as well as an opportunity to see into the future and glimpse the marvels of technology that may exist in decades to come. Disney’s "Animal Kingdom" brings visitors up close and personal with animal species of all kinds from across the planet while focusing on the beauty and majesty of nature and wildlife. "MGM Studios" spotlights the magic and glamour of the Hollywood of today and the Hollywood of yesteryear.

Personally, I especially loved visiting Epcot and Animal Kingdom, where the pace feels a little slower and you can really take your time enjoying the many different attractions. However, you shouldn't miss any of the four parks. No matter which park you happen to be visiting, you will always find plenty of spots available to sit down and rest. You will also find a host of rides and attractions to enjoy at all four parks that are slow, comfortable, and perfect for the “seasoned” visitor.

Disney World has tackled the issue of long waits in line with their FastPass service. FastPass makes it possible to “save your place in line” in advance. All parks also are wheelchair-friendly. There are wheelchairs for rent at each park or you can bring your own. Motorized convenience vehicles are available as well. In addition, the parks offer handheld captioning devices for the hearing impaired. Of course, the parks all have well-staffed first aid stations.

The best part about visiting Disney World at my current age - compared to when I was younger - is that I now let myself really enjoy each and every moment. During this visit, I never rushed from one spot to the next. I took my time. I looked more closely at the lush landscape, the beautiful colors, and the details of each ride and attraction. I spent time talking with Disney entertainers, park staff, and fellow park visitors.

​Would I recommend Disney World to my “seasoned” friends and family? You bet I would. Will I visit again? To be honest, I’d be there right now if possible.


I sometimes wish I could go back in time and be a kid again. Just for a day. My recent visit to Disney World in Florida made me feel like "a kid" for an entire week! Sure, I had to take it a little slower than the “real” children running past me from one attraction to the next. Even so, being surrounded by such spectacular imagery, enchantment, and unabashed joy seemed to melt away the years.

I’m old enough to have watched the television show “The Magical World of Disney” when it was hosted by Walt Disney himself. And I’ve been to Disney World before. Of course, I was much younger then. Visiting Disney World in my “seasoned" years, I felt the youth I still carry inside blossom and swell. I forgot how many years had passed since I last rode the original park's “It’s a Small, Small World” ride. I quickly lost all thought of anything else. I became completely immersed in all that is Disney World... the “happiest place on earth” for kids of all ages.

A Seasoned "Kid" in a Magical World