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Train travel offers a lot of flexibility. Trains run on a fairly regular schedule, often hourly. Many shorter trips may not even require reservations. Just show up, buy your ticket and climb aboard!

There’s a lot to see outside your window. Beautiful countryside. Remote terrain. Quaint towns. Bustling cities. Trains are perfect ​for sightseeing.

Many long distance trains have a full-service dining car offering a wide variety of meals, as well as a lounge car where you can purchase a quick meal, snack or drink.

Flying will get you there faster, but… If you’re traveling within the United States and you’ve got the time, you may want to try taking the train. You might be pleasantly surprised. There are plenty of positives to enjoying a railway adventure.

Here are just a few of the perks of train travel:

All Aboard!

The Perks of Train Travel

Railway companies are far less restrictive than airlines when it comes to luggage. Weight limits are higher and there’s no waiting to claim your bags.

Many trains provide free Wi-Fi, and Internet access is available throughout the trip.

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Seats recline further back than on most airplanes, and there's usually more leg room.

Cell phone use is welcome on most trains. But, if you would rather not be bothered by the distraction of cell phone users, you usually can opt to ride in a “quiet car” with a more quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

You can get up and take a walk. Aisles are wider than on the standard passenger plane and often there are multiple train cars to investigate.


Train fares tend to remain constant throughout the year. In most cases, your cost for a specific route will be the same any day of the week or during any month of the year.

Overnight trains offer sleeping accommodations with a bed and maybe even a private shower.