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Sea otters sleep in water holding hands so they don't drift apart.

Hackysack was invented in 1972 by John Stalberger as a game to help him rehabilitate his knee after a football injury. If you are unfamiliar with Hackysack, it is the game you've probably seen people playing where a small, bead-filled bag is kicked back and fourth with the feet.

Have you ever been talking in a group of people when there is a lull in the conversation that is eventually filled by someone asking “Did you know...” followed by a tidbit of random information?  “Did you knows” are great for getting a stalled conversation going again. They are also fantastic ice breakers for starting a conversation.  

A “Did you know…” is simply a fact, detail, or statistic that sticks in your mind for some reason and stays there. Most “Did you knows” are not of tremendous import or extraordinary significance. They are usually pieces of information that are interesting, surprising, curious, or thought-provoking in some way.

Here are a few “Did you knows” that might interest you:

Did You Know?

Mel Blanc insisted on chewing real carrots to provide the chomping sounds when he voiced the cartoon icon "Bugs Bunny."

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The impassioned closing argument to the jury in the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” was made in one take by actor Gregory Peck. 

The world's largest desert is not the Sahara, but actually the continent of Antarctica. Antarctica is classified as a "cold desert."

Upper and lower case letters are named "upper" and "lower" because back when all original print had to be set as individual letters, the upper case letters were stored in a case up above the case storing the lower case letters.