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age adds flavor

Be a tourist. Explore your hometown and surrounding areas. There are bound to be plenty of places you have never gotten around to seeing and things you have never gotten around to doing. Use the Internet to find recommendations for people visiting your region.

You don’t have to travel long distances to enjoy a vacation. If you haven’t heard, there's such a thing as a “staycation.” A staycation is a vacation spent in your own home enjoying your hometown area.

Vacationing at home can be a wonderful alternative to taking an expensive,  painstakingly planned trip to some faraway location. Let’s face it traditional vacations can be exhausting. In many ways, a staycation can be far more relaxing and restorative.

The idea behind a staycation is to unwind, have fun and give yourself a break from the demands of your regular life. A staycation is not merely spending time at home as usual. The goal is to avoid your typical daily routines and make it a true vacation in every sense.

Enjoy a "Staycation"

Do some of the things you enjoy about a traditional vacation. Eat out in nice restaurants, get a massage, spend an afternoon by a lake or the ocean, go on a hike, visit a museum or landmark, take a sightseeing tour, etc. You may want to arrange for temporary housekeeping services during your staycation.

The following tips may help you enjoy a great staycation:

Allow yourself to truly unwind. Relax. Read a good book. Watch the clouds pass by in the sky or catch a few winks in a comfy chair or hammock in your backyard.


Try something new that would not be part of your usual routine. Maybe it is something as simple as playing chess at the nearby park or as challenging as participating in an open mic night at a local comedy club.

Keep contact with the “outside world" to a minimum. Take a break from phone calls, email, and texting. If possible, turn off your phone and avoid your computer. It might be a good idea to tell people you won’t be around. You may even want to have the post office hold your mail. 

Set a length of time for your staycation and stick to it. Just as with any vacation, a staycation begins on a specific day and ends on a specific day. It may be a long weekend. It may be a week or a month. Whatever you have planned, enjoy the time to the fullest.