Introduce your dog to the new environment by taking a long walk around the hotel as soon as you arrive.

Always wipe off any mud, dirt, or water from your dog’s paws and/or fur when returning from a walk and reentering your room.

Turn the television on with the volume low, play soft music, or use a "sound" machine when you leave your dog alone so your pet won’t feel lonely or hear hotel noises that might be disturbing and cause it to bark or cry.

Walk your dog often. The hotel may have designated areas for walking dogs. Make sure you are familiar with the locations.

Cover hotel furniture your dog may decide to try out. The hotel will probably expect you to pay for any damage to furniture.

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Helpful Tips

Place a waterproof mat under your dog’s food and water dishes. Make sure your dog gets enough to eat and drink during your stay.

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Look around your hotel room for anything that might be on the floor or within our dog’s reach that may be of danger to your pet… especially if your dog is inquisitive and likes to chew on or eat its discoveries. For example, a pen and pad of paper are often left on a table and housekeeping could easily have missed a pill or small item dropped on the floor by a previous guest.

Enjoying a Hotel Stay with Your Dog

Take your dog out of your hotel room when the housekeeping staff arrives in the morning. Doing so can make things a lot easier on your pet and housekeeping staff.


Hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door if you are leaving your dog unattended in your hotel room.

It seems more and more people are traveling with a dog these days. Why not?  More and more hotels are welcoming four footed guests. 

Bringing your dog along when you travel has a lot of benefits, but staying in a hotel with your pet can be challenging and comes with responsibilities. Hotels have rules and restrictions for pet owners, and the rules can vary widely from hotel to hotel.

Some hotels only allow dogs of a certain size. Some charge extra fees for pets. Most expect you to keep your dog on a leash while walking inside or outside the hotel. Many ask that your dog be crated when you are away from your room and leave your pet behind.

Here are a few helpful tips to prepare for and enjoy a hotel stay with your dog.

What to Bring with You

Make sure the front desk has your cell phone number if you go out without your pet so you can be contacted if any issues arise.

  • Dog food. Bring more than you think you will need.
  • Food and water bowls. There are collapsible bowls available that make packing easier.
  • A waterproof mat. Place it under food and water bowls to avoid damaging the floor.
  • Leash. Bring along an extra... just in case.
  • Favorite items. Your dog will appreciate having his/her favorite toy or blanket.
  • Medication. If your dog takes medication, bring a little extra if possible.
  • Rabies certificate. Most hotels want proof that your dog is vaccinated and up-to-date.
  • Dog crate. Many hotels expect you to crate your dog if you leave it unattended.
  • A white noise machine. White noise will drown out any hotel sounds that might be disturbing to your dog.
  • Dog bed. If your dog is used to sleeping on a dog bed, bring it along so your pet will feel at home.
  • Sheeting to cover furniture. You will probably be responsible for any damage caused by your dog. Protect your own pocketbook by protecting the hotel's furniture.