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What the Nose Knows
Trivia about the sense of smell

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There is so much information floating around out there that even the Internet hasn't been able to capture it all. No matter how long we live... how much we read, research, listen, and learn ... we are never going to "know it all."

There will always be more to find out about life, the world, and ourselves. There will always be fun facts we have yet to hear and interesting bits of trivia left for us to discover. Our "seasoned" years can be a great time for exploration and learning.

Seasoned Times is dedicated to encouraging wise and healthy aging. 
Designed for baby boomers, seniors and anyone 55+. Visit often. New content is added monthly.

Entertaining insights into the life of an unconventional woman who grew up – and grew old – in an era very different from today. For some fun, timeless inspiration, click on image now!
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