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age adds flavor


Of course, there is plenty of walking involved when a facility is as comprehensive and spacious as Foxwoods. However, I never felt rushed to get where I was going and wheelchairs are readily available for anyone with physical limitations. 

I delighted in leisurely strolling around the Foxwoods complex, discovering new things to do and see... including a lively bowling alley and video arcade.​ I stumbled upon some truly beautiful displays, many involving elaborate waterfalls. I also took plenty of time out for one of my favorite pastimes... “people watching”and mingling. I met some very friendly staff and guests. I spoke with guests of all ages and hailing from places near and far.

The dining options alone at Foxwoods are absolutely astonishing. I actually started to count the number of dining choices available to me, but gave up when my tally reached over 30. Whether you are in the mood for a gourmet meal or just want to grab a quick snack, you can definitely find something to satisfy any craving.

If you are like me and enjoy a good steak accompanied by a glass of fine wine, I highly recommend trying David Burke Prime, an exceptional steak house. Steaks are aged on the premises in a dry aging room and end up tasting like perfection. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and features an amazing 3,000-bottle wine tower.

When it comes to entertainment, the attractions at Foxwoods definitely rival those found in Vegas. I must applaud the effort Foxwoods puts forth to ensure that every interest and genre is covered. 

Music lovers can enjoy concerts by a-list musicians – as well as highly talented tribute bands – representing country, rock, gospel, jazz, and more. In addition, many of the world’s most talented comedians, magicians, and psychics perform regularly at Foxwoods. 

During my stay, I thoroughly enjoyed Cirque Éloize - a mesmerizing, modern circus-like extravaganza spotlighting acrobats, dancers, and contortionists. It was fun and energetic and captured my full attention.

When you attend a show or concert at Foxwoods, you can expect a venue designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. I was especially impressed with how easy and orderly it was to enter and exit the theater. Even with a lot of people coming and going, I never felt penned in by a crowd.

Speaking of comfort and convenience, the Great Cedar Hotel truly surpassed all my expectations. My room was modern, clean, and quiet. I slept in a bed that felt like I was sinking into a cloud. Because the hotel is located in the middle of the resort, I was close to dining, entertainment, shopping, and gaming. 

The hotel also offers beautiful suites, complete with a sitting room along with a full bath and a half. If you visit Foxwoods during the week, the odds of being upgraded to a suite are much better than on the weekend. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

The Great Cedar is just one of five onsite hotels at Foxwoods. There’s the Grand Pequot Tower, The Fox Tower, The Villas, and The Two Trees Inn. I asked around for guests’ opinions about the other hotels and heard nothing but positive comments. Hotel guests also get to enjoy luxurious spa services and indoor/outdoor pools.

If you happen to love shopping, you will not want to miss the A+ shopping experiences found at Foxwoods. Not only are there plenty of specialty shops filled with high-end merchandise, but you also will have the chance to experience world-class outlet shopping without leaving the premises. Just walk through a door and enter the Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods, an extensive collection of premium brands all under one roof.

The cost for weekend accommodations at the hotels at Foxwoods may seem on the high side for many people, but the weekday rates are quite affordable. Plus, Foxwoods Resort and Casino offers a free program called "Young and Fun Days" that includes special rates and promotions for guests 55+. There are discounts for salon/spa servjces, shows, and dining. Some restrictions and blackout dates apply.

I could easily go on and on about all the reasons why I enjoyed my first visit to Foxwoods and why I would recommend it so highly. I suggest you follow my lead and find out for yourself what makes Foxwoods such a “winning getaway," especially for those of us in our seasoned years. Perhaps I'll see you there!

By The Observant "Seasoned" Traveler*

​​* Just one "seasoned" (older) traveler's observations. Not to be considered a review or endorsement by Seasoned Times.

When a visit to Foxwoods Resort and Casino was recently recommended to me, I must admit I was a bit hesitant initially. I expected to arrive at Foxwoods and find nothing more than a mini Las Vegas.

Instead, I quickly discovered that Foxwoods is NO Las Vegas. Foxwoods is so much more! I am pleased to report that I enjoyed every moment at Foxwoods. In this seasoned traveler's opinion, there is no comparison... Foxwoods trumps Vegas hands down.

Not long ago, I spent a full week in the heart of Las Vegas with a mixed group of male and female friends. A couple of us are experienced gamblers, others not so much… but we are all open-minded travelers who enjoy a new adventure. We also all happen to be in our "seasoned" years.

I had never been to Vegas before, but it did not take long at all for me to figure out I would not be returning any time soon. Obviously, Vegas has wide appeal, and many people love it there... including some of my travel companions. Perhaps, I would have felt differently had I visited Vegas in my younger years... but, for me, the attraction just wasn't there.

On the other hand, I found Foxwoods to be a fun-filled jewel in a setting more welcoming, appealing, enjoyable, and age-friendly than Vegas. In fact, I would recommend Foxwoods as a “winning hand” for anyone who wants to “get away from it all” for a few days.

Foxwoods offers everything anyone could hope for in a casino setting, but you can have a really great time there even if you have no interest whatsoever in gambling. There is so much to do and see.

Best of all, everything is in one location. Unlike Vegas, Foxwoods guests never have to go outside and maneuver along a crowded, confusing roadway or require transportation to get from one attraction to another.

Foxwoods Resort and Casino...
A "Winning Getaway" for Seasoned Travelers