HINT:Another word for odor



Their wings

Their stomach

3. What was the first color of the Easy Bake Oven?

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5. _ULE_

HINT:Another word for monarch

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7. How many moving parts did the first G.I. Joe figure have?

3. The first half of what insect’s name is the name of another insect.

​​2. What do you throw out when you want to use it, but take in when you don’t?

Riddle Me This...

1. I go up and never come back down. What am I?


​The people described below are well known individuals from different walks of life. They may or may not still be with us, but all have made an impression. Can you solve the mystery of their identities?


  • I was born a slave in Virginia in 1800.
  • As a free woman, I established a successful laundry business during the Colorado gold rush and helped many other former slaves establish themselves.
  • While a slave, I was separated from my husband and children when we were sold at auction to different slave owners, and I spent much of my later life looking for my family.
  • After becoming a free woman in my 50s, following the death of my final owner, I traveled west to Colorado working as a cook and looking for my husband and children.
  • I settled in a mining town named Central City and began working as a laundress, eventually starting my own laundry business.
  • My business became so successful I was able to invest in property and mining, which generated a sizable fortune.
  • I passed away in 1885 and my funeral was attended by the Governor of Colorado along with other state dignitaries.
  • I was elected to the Society of Colorado Pioneers in recognition of the significant role I played in the state’s history.



  • I was born in 1921 in Inglewood, California.
  • As a teen, I was a swimming champion who set records and won national titles.
  • I was selected for the U.S. Olympic team, but the games were cancelled because of the outbreak of World War II.
  • In 1940, I became a professional swimmer and performed in the Aquacade, a music, dance, and swimming show.
  • I was discovered by a Hollywood talent scout and landed a with contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • I starred in a series of popular elaborately choreographed swimming musicals that involved a lot of synchronized swimming and are credited with popularizing the sport.
  • I was married to well-known actor Fernando Lamas.
  • I retired from movies in the 1960s, and went on to have business ties to various swimming related products, including swimming pools.


In each of these puzzles, the word begins and ends with the same letter.  Can you figure out each word? 

First and Last

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Multiple Choice Trivia

Who am I?

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Their knees

Their tongue

7.  _HAOTI_ 

HINT:Another word for hectic

Wacky Word Puzzles

4. Through which of the following body parts do crickets hear? 

5. On average, what do most people do 15 times a day?

1. How many colors were in the very first box of Crayola crayons?








1. _SCAP_

HINT: Another word for breakout

​2.  _REA_ 

HINT: Another word for indulgence

​The following picture puzzles represent a word, phrase or saying. Can you decipher each cryptic message?


age adds flavor


Scratch an itch

Lick their lips

The last duel in the U.S.




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HINT:Another word for booth



  • I was born in 1917 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • I served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.
  • I was the much-loved coach of a big city’s professional basketball team.
  • Our team was very successful under my guidance and we won eight consecutive NBA championships while I was coach, six while I was general manager, and one while I was the team’s president.
  • I was known for lighting up a cigar on the bench in the final moments of a game
  • I drafted the first African-American professional basketball player and was the first coach to start five African-American players.
  • In 1980, the Professional Basketball Writers Association of America named me the greatest coach in NBA history.
  • Coaches who are named NBA Coach of the Year receive a trophy named in my honor.






2. Which of the following letters cannot be found in any of the 50 U.S. state names?

6. What color was Coca-Cola originally?

​3. _IDEWAY_ 

HINT:Another word for sloping


HINT:Another word for raise

The first circus in the U.S.

First flight of Wright Brothers




Hot Pink




8. What famous event took place at a farm owned by Max Yasgur?