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The Green Hornet

Get Smart


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Burke's Law

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

I Spy


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My Three Sons

Bachelor Father

Wagon Train


3. Which ‘60s show was about a nun and adapted from the book “The Fifteenth Pelican” by Tere Rios?

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Life at the Convent

Up, Up, and Away!

The Singing Nun

The Flying Nun


8. On which ‘60s show was there "the cone of silence?” 

Dark Shadows

Route 66

Fun  Puzzles!

7. Which is a‘60s show with a setting that could be anywhere from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California?

Death Valley Days

Raw Hide


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Wacky Word Puzzles


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4. Which ‘60s show had a presidential presence… although nobody knew it the time?

5. On which ‘60s show were people drenched with water if they said a certain phrase?

1. Which '60s show opened with an animated shoe tapping in time with the theme song?


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3. What 5 letter word sounds the same even after you take away four letters?

​​2. Sandy went 8 days without sleeping, but wasn’t tired. How is that possible?

Riddle Me This...

1. When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look?



​The following picture puzzles represent a word, phrase or saying. Can you decipher each cryptic message?

​The people described below are well known individuals 

from different walks of life. They may or may not still be with us, but all have made an impression. Can you solve the mystery of their identities?


  • I was born in 1950 in Los Angeles, California.
  • My father was a legendary crooner and my mother was a jazz singer.
  • After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, I started singing in small clubs with my own band.
  • In the mid ‘70s, I released an album that earned me a Grammy Award for best female R & B performance. I also won a Grammy the same year for best new artist, and I was the first African American to receive that honor.
  • Early in the ‘90s I worked a little magic and recorded an album that featured me singing with my late father. It won me seven Grammy Awards, including one for Album of the Year.
  • A couple years after that I made my acting debut as one of the cast of the series “I’ll Fly Away.” Later I also starred as myself in a television movie based on my autobiography.​
  • I underwent a kidney transplant, and became an advocate for transplantation.
  • I sang the national anthem at the 1994 Super Bowl accompanied by the chorus from Atlanta University.



  • I was born in 1931 in Marion, Indiana.
  • My mother passed away when I was just nine years old and I moved in with an aunt and uncle because my father was unable to take care of me.
  • I was a very good student in school and played on both the baseball and basketball teams.
  • My first appearance on television was in a Pepsi commercial.
  • As a struggling young actor in Hollywood, I worked as a parking attendant at a television studio.
  • I was fortunate to study acting under the guidance of the great Lee Strasberg.
  • My first big break came when I was cast in a film based on a novel by John Steinbeck.​
  • I followed that movie with one that focused on the clash between generations and became hugely popular with teens.
  • I passed away tragically at a young age and became the first actor to be nominated for an Oscar posthumously. I received a second nomination for another movie released following my death.


The following groups of words each have something in common. Can you come up with what it is that ties them  all together?  

Common Link

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Think you've watched a lot of television over the years? Let's see how much you remember about some popular shows from the 1960s.

'60s Television Trivia

Who am I?

Fun and Games


Highway Patrol

The Loner


  • I was born in 1924 in Syracuse, New York.
  • Instead of going straight to college immediately after high school, I enrolled in the military and served in World War II.
  • I was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, as well as the Philippine Liberation Medal.
  • I began working in the television industry as a writer when the medium was in its infancy.
  • I am mostly known for creating, hosting, and narrating a science fiction television show that aired for five seasons and has been rerun for decades.
  • The show I am so closely associated with has been turned into books, a movie, other TV shows, and even comic books and magazines.​
  • Even some of my most dedicated fans don’t know or remember that I briefly hosted a game show in the late ‘60s.
  • I taught at Ithaca College for many years, and the school named an award recognizing media professionals after me.


The Perry Como Show

The Dean Martin Show

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The Ed Sullivan Show

American Band Stand

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The Ed Sullivan Show

The Jackie Gleason Show

2. On which ‘60s show was the variety show host often surrounded by a bunch of “gold diggers?”

6. In which ‘60s show did the star climb into a Rolls Royce during the opening of the show?

Follow the Sun

Route 66

Sonny & Cher

Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

Father Knows Best

Make Room for Daddy

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