age adds flavor


Global warming

Alcohol consumption




Hint: 4 letters


Ford and Bradley

Ferguson and Blake

Hint: 4 letters

Hint: 4 letters



Chia pet


Smoking cigarettes

Driving without seat belts

8. I hope she won’t ignore me when I offer her my homemade cinnamon rolls.

Touch football


Hint: 4 letters

A Lion in Winter

Lawrence of Arabia

3. Name the laundry detergent popular in the 1960s that claimed to be "stronger than dirt."

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8. In 1964, the first warning was released by the Surgeon General of the United States about the dangers related to what issue?



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Hint: 4 letters



2. What English city did the 1960s music phenomena the “Beatles” call home?

6. If you had taken a minimum wage job in 1960, what would you have been paid?

Franklin and Bickford

Fitzgerald and Baines


Hoola hoop



Hint: 4 letters

Hint: 8 letters


Our “Make it a Good Day” BINGO game is a fun way to inspire and document acts of kindness. We invite you to play today!

We supply all the FREE printable materials you need to play in small or large groups. Click on the image above for more information about the game and to download FREE materials, including bingo squares for players to use to track their progress towards a “BINGO” and a variety of bingo player pages/cards filled with simple acts of kindness. There’s also a blank bingo page/card template in case you want to use your own examples of kindness.

Hint: 5 letters

5. My temperament was gloomy, and I had a feeling of impending disaster.

7. In the 1960s, two American presidents were known by their initials “JFK” and “LBJ.” What did the middle initials "F" and "B" stand for?

The Yellow Rolls-Royce

Doctor Zhivago

7. My new leather belt has a bunch of different removable pieces.

Wacky Word Puzzles

3. I was really worried about eating all those sweets served after the meal.

I was born on January 5, 1931, in Texas, and moved to Los Angeles at age 12.

I grew up to become a famous choreographer, considered a guiding force in shaping modern dance as popular art form in the 20th century.

In high school, I was on both the gymnastics and football teams, but was inspired to pursue dance after seeing a performance of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

I was fortunate to study dance with the celebrated Martha Graham and acting with Stella Adler.

In the late 1950s, I founded my own dance company, which still bears my name, performs before millions of people, and receives accolades across the globe.

Many of the dance pieces I choreographed were inspired by my early life and the music I heard at church and at local dance halls.

I received the Handel Medallion, New York City's highest award for achievement in the arts, as well as the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award for lifetime contributions to modern dance.

In 1988, the Kennedy Center also honored me for lifetime achievement in the performing arts.

6. “I didn’t do it,” said the fibber as he walked along the train track.

4. What item patented in the 50s became so popular that a “professional model” was introduced by the mid-60s?

5. Actors Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif were nominated for best actor and best supporting actor for their roles in which 1962 film?

1. When John F. Kennedy was President what game was often played on the White House lawn?

4. The bank robbers used a safe cracking implement to get the goods out of the vault. 


2. In the hospital wing devoted to children, there are always plenty crayons and paper for patients who like to sketch.

​1. Snow White went to reside with the seven dwarfs to get away from the wicked queen.

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3. What word looks exactly the same when backwards and upside down?

​​2. Name four days of the week that start with the letter “t”?

Riddle Me This...

1. What is the best month to schedule a parade?



The following picture puzzles represent a word, phrase or saying. Can you decipher each cryptic message?


The people described below are well known individuals from different walks of life. They may or may not still be with us, but all have made an impression. Can you solve the mystery of their identities?

I was born on September 15, 1890, in England.

I was home-schooled by my mother until the age of 16 when I moved to Paris to study vocals and piano.

I grew up to become one of the top-selling authors in history with book sales in the billions.

In 1914, I married a pilot in Royal Flying Corps and served as a nurse during the First World War.

My first book, published after the end of the war, introduced one of my most famous characters.

My marriage ended rather scandalously while I also was mourning the death of my mother.

I mysteriously vanished from public eye for 11 days at the height of my troubles, an act that received a lot of media attention because I did not reveal anything about my disappearance upon my return.

Some of my works have become popular movies, including a film that featured Tyrone Power in his last film role.

I was born in 1903 in New York City’s Manhattan.

Growing up I excelled in both football and baseball and played both as a student at Columbia University.

I was signed to the New York Yankees in 1923, the year Yankee Stadium opened.

I was dubbed “The Iron Horse,” mainly because of my quiet strength and firm dedication to the sport.

I set the record for playing the most consecutive games, an accomplishment that was not surpassed until Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripken Jr. managed to do so in 1995.

I received a devastating medical diagnosis in 1939, which explained why my motor skills and coordination had been deteriorating and would become forever associated with my name.

I made the voluntary decision to retire from baseball after learning I had an incurable, progressive degenerative neurological disorder that would cause the nerve cells controlling my voluntary muscle movements to deteriorate and eventually lead to paralysis and then, most likely, death.

During the short retirement speech I made in front of teammates and a stadium full of fans, I insisted that I considered myself “the luckiest man on earth.”

​The underlined words or phrases in each of the following puzzles are looking for words that include the same letters as each other but make different words when spelled either forward or backward. The answers do not have to make sense in the sentences. Example: Before she takes a snooze, she strips off her shoes and socks. Answer: SLEEP and PEELS

Back and Forth

In the age of the Internet, an almost unlimited amount of information is available at our fingertips. But challenging ourselves with games or puzzles that require us to use our own brains involves active thinking and stimulates memory. Keeping the brain active is not only fun, it has been proven to foster positive and healthy aging. Use the answer buttons below to find out if you have solved the puzzles! If you would like us to let you know when new games are posted on our website, send us an email at info@seasonedtimes.com with the word "update" in the subject line.

If you were around in the 1960s, you may be able to easily recall the solutions to the following multiple choice questions related to the era. Read each over carefully and pick the answer you think is correct.

Remember the Sixties?

Who am I?

Fun and Games