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Johnny Cade

Sammy May

Hint: 6 letters




8. SH + “organ you hear with” = To remove fleece from sheep

Eddie Murphy

Robin Williams

Hint: 5 letters



3. Back in the 1960s, who was Joey Bishop’s sidekick on his a late-night talk show?

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Hugh Downs

Regis Philbin

Ed McMahon

Chuck Woolery


8. An English pop duo that was part of the "British Invasion" of musical acts to hit the United States in the 1960s was named Chad and _______?

Stevie J

Jack Stone

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Hint: 5 letters



2. As Don Quixote goes on his quest for the impossible dream by tilting windmills, he is accompanied by his faithful squire. What is the squire’s name?

6. In "The Outsiders," Ponyboy Curtis has a friend who saves him from being drowned by a rival gang member. What is the boy’s name?



7.  SH + “ floor covering” = An expressive gesture of raising the shoulders

Wacky Word Puzzles

3. SH + “Santa's helper” = Ledge used to hold objects

2. SH + “To give permission to” = Not deep

​1.  SH + “opposite of in” = To yell

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3. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.


The following picture puzzles represent a word, phrase or saying. Can you decipher each cryptic message?

I was born on December 8, 1925 in New York City

I grew up to become a popular actor, comedian, singer and dancer.

My parents were vaudeville performers and my paternal grandmother cared for me as young child.

I started performing in vaudeville with my father when I was three years-old. We performed with another man as a trio and toured the country.

As an entertainer I worked on television, in movies and on Broadway, appearing in the original “Ocean’s 11” film and on Broadway in “Mr. Wonderful.” I even had a couple television variety shows, but neither lasted too long.

Lots of folks called me “Mister Show Business,” particularly after my success as a headliner in Las Vegas.

I toured internationally with some big names, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martine, and Liza Minnelli.

I received the Kennedy Center Honors and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

I was born on November 19, 1938, in Cincinnati, Ohio,

I took over my father’s successful billboard advertising agency following his death and turned it into the largest advertising company in the southern United States.

I expanded into the entertainment industry and developed the first 24-hour cable news channel as well as the cartoon network.

I launched and/or purchased various television networks, including some that carried my name.

I eventually sold my company to Time Warner for $7.5 billion dollars.

I made a $1 billion donation to the United Nations to establish the United Nations Foundation, with the goal of increasing domestic support for the UN.

I opened a restaurant chain steakhouse that serves bison, with restaurants in many states.

In 1991, I married a very well-known and controversial actress, but we divorced 10 years later.

Each puzzle is looking for a word that begins with SH followed by another word. Clues are given for the word within the word and the puzzle solution word.

What's the Word?

In the age of the Internet, an almost unlimited amount of information is available at our fingertips. But challenging ourselves with games or puzzles that require us to use our own brains involves active thinking and stimulates memory. Keeping the brain active is not only fun, it has been proven to foster positive and healthy aging. Use the answer buttons below to find out if you have solved the puzzles! If you would like us to let you know when new games are posted on our website, send us an email at info@seasonedtimes.com with the word "update" in the subject line.

Lots of characters in books, on television, and in films have a friend or sidekick who plays an important role. Each of these puzzles is about a well-known sidekick.

Name the Sidekick

Who am I?

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Hint: 7 letters

I was born on September 15, 1927, in Nashville, Tennessee.

I fell in love with drawing as a young child and loved creating interesting characters. I grew up to become a commercially successful artist.

My work first became popular on the west coast during the 1950s, but my unique style and distinctive subject matter attracted following across the world by the 1960s.

For many years, my husband took credit for my artwork, promoting and selling it as his own, but I eventually revealed myself as the real artist behind my masterpieces.

I sued my by then ex-husband for defamation and won the case, primarily because I was able to produce a piece of art on the spot when asked to do so by the court.

When my ex was asked by the court to create a sample of type of the distinctive artwork he claimed was his, he said he was unable to do so because of an alleged injury.

My story was shared in a movie directed by Tim Burton and staring Amy Adams. Amy received the Golden Globe Award for her performance.

Hint: 5 letters

Miguel Saavedra

Sancho Panza







Chevy Chase

Chris Rock

Hint: 7 letters

Hint: 5 letters


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Hint: 5 letters

5. SH + “Mammary gland of a cow” = A shiver from fear or revulsion

The information provided is factual to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

7. On the TV show "The Simpsons," which recurring character is the right hand man of Mr. Burns, Springfield's richest and most powerful citizen?

6. SH + “an enclosure for skating” = Decrease in size

4. After Tom Hank’s character is stranded on a deserted island in the film “Cast Away,” he creates a companion out of a volleyball. What does he call his little friend?

5. Songwriter Smiley Burnette was a sidekick to a few film cowboys, including Gene Autry. Smiley’s sidekick was his horse named __________.

1. In the animated movie "Shrek," an ogre named Shrek has a sidekick called Donkey. What actor voices Donkey?

4. SH + “a primary color” = To tear into small pieces


​​2. What kind of tree do you carry in your hand?

Riddle Me This...

1. What has a head and a tail, but no body?



The people described below are well known individuals from different walks of life. They may or may not still be with us, but all have made an impression. Can you solve the mystery of their identities?