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Bulls are not attracted to the color red, which is contrary to what a bullfighter’s cape would suggest. Bulls are actually color blind.

Most people have a favorite color. With all the colors that exist in the world, who knows what makes a person favor one over another. It might be the color is associated with a pleasant memory. It could be the color represents a favorite sports team. It may be the color a person thinks is most flattering to wear. The potential reasons are endless. There are lots of other things to ponder about colors. Here are some fun facts we found.

The colors red and yellow stimulate the appetite and are especially appetizing when together. Think McDonalds.

The most common color for highlighters is yellow, because it does not show up on a photocopy.

Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. So, if you’re headed outside during mosquito season, wear something light colored.

Fun Facts about Colors

The most popular color in the world is… blue. Followed by red and green and then orange, brown, and purple.

Studies have shown that red and green are the first colors out of the full color spectrum that babies are able to distinguish.

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