age adds flavor


Bring plenty of small bills and coins. Many sellers will not be able to make change for larger denominations.

Always try before buying. Carefully inspect anything you are thinking about purchasing, especially electronic or mechanical items. Open battery compartments to check for corrosion.

Look for group sales. Neighborhoods, organizations, and churches often host larger sales with items from a variety of sources, which can making shopping more interesting, fun, and productive.

Visiting a few garage sales on a Saturday morning can be a lot of fun. You may come across some interesting items you might never find elsewhere. You may even stumble upon something valuable that ends up being a great financial investment.

If you are not an experienced garage sale shopper, you may find the following tips helpful.

Garage Sale Shopping for Beginners

Negotiate, but politely. Sellers often price items at a higher amount than they expect to receive. They anticipate some healthy negotiation. Just make sure to stay within a reasonable ballpark that is not insulting.

Be pleasant, friendly and respectful. Take time to talk with the seller about the items for sale. Very often, there may be a memory or story connected to a certain item. The seller may appreciate your interest in a particular object and feel especially good about selling it to you, which might help you end up with a better price.

Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat. You will probably  be doing a lot of standing and walking around under the sun so make sure to protect your skin and your feet. Bring along some water too, because you will want to stay hydrated.

​​Plan ahead. Take some time to identify the garage sales you want to visit. Then map out a route to follow, beginning with the sales that seem most promising.