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age adds flavor


The word “generic” can conjure up a not so positive image. For some of us, the word seems synonymous with “lesser quality.”  Although this may be true for some products, generic does not equal lesser quality when it comes to generic medications.

Companies that produce generic drugs must prove to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) that their version of a medication is equal in quality and effectiveness to the name brand. The two must have the same active ingredients and strength.

Although a generic drug may not look identical to its name brand equivalent, it is only because certain inactive ingredients may be different, like coloring and flavoring. These ingredients should have no affect on the medication’s performance, safety, or effectiveness. 

Quite often, the one and only difference about a generic drug is its price. A generic version of a medication will usually cost much less than its brand counterpart.

Talk to your doctor about generic drugs. He or she will know when a generic medication is right for you.

The "G" Word...
​Are generic medications okay?