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age adds flavor


Visit an art gallery. Take a slow walk around an art gallery and really look at what you are seeing. Notice the colors and textures. Don’t expect to become an artist yourself, just try to get some inspiration to bring more originality and freshness into your life.​

C'mon... Get Creative!
It's Good For Your Health

A few helpful ideas

Wear your creativity on your sleeve. The clothing we choose to wear says something about who we are, what we like, what inspires us, and how we want the world to see us. Don’t just throw on anything when you get up in the morning. Take a good look at your wardrobe and find an outfit that really speaks to you. Try combining items or colors you like but have never worn together before. Clothing doesn’t have to be loud or outlandish to make a statement. But why not wear attire that’s expressive!​

Talk a walk with your cellphone camera ready. Walking is a great way to exercise the body, but you can also use a walk to exercise your mind and stimulate your creativity. While walking, look for anything that might make a nice photo. Then aim and snap away. You might be surprised by the imaginative images you capture.​​

Cook with flair. For most of us, cooking is a necessity. But cooking can be fun and creative too. Playing around with flavors and colors can turn a meal into a real work of art.​

Okay, you may not consider yourself an “artist,” but that doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Most people are creative in some way or other. Creativity is not just about art. It can be about a lot of things, like using your imagination, conceiving an idea, or creating something unique or different. When you were a child, didn’t you play pretending games like “house” or “cops and robbers?” That’s creative! As an adult, haven’t you planted a garden, picked out a color to paint a wall, built a project from scratch, or cooked interesting meals? That’s creative!

As human beings, we are creative by nature. Studies have shown that harnessing and utilizing our creativity can help us feel productive, positive, optimistic, and engaged in life. And stretching our creative muscles is good for us. It stimulates the mind, involves problem-solving, and engages the memory, all of which are important to improving the aging process. Being creative also reduces stress and anxiety, thereby heling to support the immune system. Besides, the truth is… being creative is just plain fun. So... c'mon... start t those imaginative juices flowing. Get creative!

Look at life through a creative lens. So much of what we think, do, and say in our daily lives could be enhanced with a little creativity. Instead of uttering the usual “hi, how are you?” next time you acknowledge someone, come up with a more interesting greeting. When you jot down a note or make a list, use decorative lettering instead of your usual handwriting.

“Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Experiment with your living space. Turn your home environment into a reflection of your own sense of style and creative vision. Instead of just slapping a coat of any paint color on your walls, think about the hues you really want to be surrounded by and select shades that inspire you. Rearrange your furniture in an interesting way or refurbish an older piece of furniture in a less traditional or common way.​