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age adds flavor


Get physical. Take a dance, yoga or exercise class.

Attend a book reading at an area book store.

Play a game. Stick to the standards like chess, backgammon, pool, or charades or try out a new video or online game. 

Visit a local art gallery, museum or landmark. Make sure to take advantage of senior discounts or free admission dates.

Stop by a multi-stall shopping site, like a flea market or farmers market.

Do something outdoors. Have a picnic lunch, bird watch or fly a kite.

Hold a movie night for family or friends, with popcorn and perhaps a “theme.”

Enroll in a local adult education class or workshop.

Whether you’re trying to think of something fun to do with a friend, spouse, date, a large or small group, or even by yourself, there are lots of ways to have a good time — even if you’re limited physically or financially.

Make time for a favorite pastime or try something new and different. You might be surprised at the fun ideas you come up with if you open up your mind and get creative.

How about one or more of the following...

Get Out There and Have Some Fun!