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Everything feels like a “big deal.” The little aggravations in life can add up and suddenly seem overwhelming. If you find you are becoming more and more aggravated by things that never used to bother you, a vacation may be the ticket to being better able to “go with the flow.".

You are bored. Life has a way of becoming monotonous, boring, and perhaps even a bit colorless sometimes. No matter how great your life may be, the “same ole, same ole” gets tedious. Shaking things up gives you a chance to vary your experiences. Very often, a vacation provides an opportunity to really look at your life, appreciate all the positives about it, and come up with changes that may make your life even better.

You feel achy a lot of the time. Minor aches and pains can be the result of stress and/or a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. If you feel achy and your doctor can’t find a medical reason for it, maybe a vacation would help you feel better. Getting away may be just the stress reliever and motivator you need to feel revitalized and invigorated.

It might be time for a vacation if...

Is it Time For a Vacation?

Vacations give us a break from our daily lives and usual routines. Getting away from it all gives us a chance to kick back, unwind, relax, have fun, and recharge our batteries. We get to try new things. See new sights. Taste new foods. And meet new people.

A vacation does not have to be a long adventure in a faraway land. No. A vacation could simply mean spending the weekend in a different location doing different things.

How do you know when it is time for a vacation? Here are a few signs that it just may be time for a nice getaway.

People seem concerned about you. It is easy to trudge along in life just putting one foot in front of the other while not paying attention to how tired or unenchanted we feel. It may be time for a change of pace if your friends and loved ones start saying things like “you look tired” or asking questions such as “are you feeling okay?” After a nice vacation, folks may start commenting on how rejuvenated you seem!

You are crankier than usual. Everyone gets irritable and testy now and then. But, if you find you are feeling that way more often than not, a vacation may help. It is hard to be cranky when you are enjoying a fun getaway. And, by the time you return home, you may find you are a lot more pleasant and agreeable than before you left.

You aren’t sleeping well. All the worries that fill a person’s head on a typical day can make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. The experiences that happen during a vacation often support feelings of relaxation so sleep may come more easily. All the new sights, sounds, and adventures also tend to keep you moving and active so you are exhausted and ready for sleep when you hit the hay each night.

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