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Think before participating in store loyalty card programs. When the card is scanned, your information is collected by the store and can then be sold to product marketers.

Refrain from participating in sweep-stakes and contests where you must provide your name and address. Prize promotions are often used to create mailing lists.

Consider not filling out the registration cards that come with some products. The information asked for may have less to do with providing a warranty and more to do with creating a mailing list.

Request that any locally published phone books remove your information or list only your name and phone number without your address. Information listed in such materials is public record and can be collected by mailing list companies.
When you donate money to a charity or cause, request that the organizations not rent, sell or provide your name and address to another source. Some charities and non-profit groups rent or exchange their lists of donors.

Catalogs. Flyers. Sale ads. Credit card offers. Chances are you get more “junk” mail than you want. Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate all unwanted mail, there are ways to reduce the amount of “junk” delivered to your address. 

​Here are a few steps you may want to consider:

Junk Mail... Is it Avoidable?