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Talk with your doctor about salt substitutes. Some salt substitutes contain potassium chloride which can be harmful for people with certain health conditions.

Request that restaurants prepare your meals without salt. There can be a lot of salt hiding in meals served at many restaurants.

Read labels when you shop. Look for “low sodium” or “no salt added” items.

Use ground pepper or herbs to flavor food instead of salt.

Buy fresh foods. Fresh vegetables, poultry, fish, and lean meat often contain less sodium than canned, smoked or processed foods.

If you are trying to cut back on the salt in your diet, emptying your salt shaker may not be enough. Much of the salt you consume could be coming from other — perhaps surprising — sources, like bakery items, dairy products, condiments, sauces, beverages, and even medications. There are some simple changes that can help bring your salt intake down to a healthier level.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

Lightening Up On Salt