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Cut out squares and distribute to players to use to cover their acts of kindness as they play the game. 

Make copies of our "Make it a Good Day" BINGO squares page so you have enough squares for the amount of people playing the game. Cut out the squares and distribute them to players.

If we all set out each day to find opportunities to perform random acts of kindness, just imagine the impact we could have. The ripple effect from just one single act of kindness can touch many people, causing a far greater impact than the original act itself. People who benefit from someone else’s kindness often “pay it forward” by being kind to others.

In fact, the contagious nature of kindness was evident in a 2010 study by some researchers from the University of California/San Diego and Harvard. Study participants played a “public-goods game" that included opportunities to cooperate with and benefit other players. Participants did not know each other and never played twice with the same person. Those players who benefited from someone else’s generosity during one session of the game were found to be more likely to help other players in another session of the game down the line… and so on and so on. Study findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The best thing about random acts of kindness is that they tend to make everyone feel good, creating joy on both the giving end and receiving end of the act. Never underestimate the power of a single act of kindness and its potential to spread joy and improve even the worst of days… for you and for others.

Our “Make it a Good Day” BINGO game is a fun way to inspire and document acts of kindness. We invite you to play today!

To prepare for the game, you may want to first read over our list of “acts of kindness” (BELOW) and give yourself and other players a chance to think about them and perhaps incorporate some  into everyday life. 

Click on image to view larger image and/ or print.
Click on image to view larger image and/ or print..

Make it a Good Day Page #1


Designate a “BINGO caller” to announce the “Make it a Good Day Acts of Kindness” below. Do not call them in order. You can always add to the list and create your own BINGO pages using our blank page.

Make it a Good Day
Blank Page

We invite you to print out the following materials in as many quantities as you would like as often as you would like. You may want to laminate these materials for repeated use. Enjoy!

"Make it a Good Day!"

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."

~Amelia Earhart

When players have covered a complete line of “Acts of Kindness,” vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, they call out “Good Day BINGO!” The first player to do so is the winner.

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Players cover up spaces (using their BINGO squares) corresponding to each “Act of Kindness” that applies to them as it is announced by the "BINGO caller." The center space is “free” and counts as a covered space.

“Make it a Good Day!” BINGO

How to Play the Game


Make it a Good Day
BINGO Squares

Make it a Good Day Page #2

Make it a Good Day Acts of Kindness

  • Start a conversation with someone new      

  • Surprise a loved one with a phone call or email         

  • Make the most of a difficult situation            

  • Let someone go in front of you in line           

  • Tell people how much they mean to you     

  • Compliment good customer service               

  • Run an errand for a friend or neighbor

  • Put coins in an expired parking meter

  • Hug somebody or pat them on the shoulder

  • Hold a door open for someone

  • Donate clothes or other items to charity

  • Say “bless you” when anyone sneezes

  • Give someone a “high five”

  • Ask if someone needs help

  • Stand up for someone

  • Bring flowers to someone for no reason                      

  • Feed some wild birds

  • Write someone a thank you note    

  • Give a break to someone caring for a loved one

  • Compliment someone          

  • Sing a happy song out loud

  • Avoid an argument

  • Send a “thinking of you" card           

  • Say hello to people you pass              

  • Say excuse me if you bump into someone  

  • Share something with someone else

  • Ask people how they are    

  • Pat a friendly dog (always ask owner first!)

  • Ask someone to dance even if there’s no music

  • Write a poem for someone special to you

  • Leave a surprise for the mail carrier

  • Pick up discarded trash and throw it away

  • Write a thank you on the bill for restaurant wait staff       

  • Help somebody without being asked             

  • Thank someone in person  

  • Smile at people you pass

  • Read to someone with poor eyesight

  • Bring treats to the police or fire station
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The object of the game can be made more difficult and challenging by requiring players to form an "X" across the page in order to win or some other design of your choosing.

Make it a Good Day Page #3

Print enough "Make it a Good Day" BINGO pages so all players have their own page. Mix up pages 1 - 3 between players so everyone does NOT have the same page. You can also make pages with your own ideas for random acts of kindness by printing our blank page.


To Fill in with your own "Make It a Good Day" ideas


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