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Give a gift for no reason. People enjoy receiving gifts on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or Hanukah, but receiving a gift out of the blue for no apparent reason can mean even more. The gift doesn’t have to be costly. Stopping by with a bunch of flowers, a cup of coffee, or some little thing you know the person would like can brighten someone else’s day.

Mail a card or note. Having something arrive unexpectedly in the mailbox is a real treat for most people, especially these days when email and texting are so common. Picking up a card with a special message and popping a stamp on it doesn’t take much time or expense, but the thought means a whole lot. A handmade card or handwritten note can be especially meaningful.

Make Someone Feel Special Today

Be generous with praise. Notice things the person does well and make sure to mention those things. Celebrate the person’s accomplishments with sincerity and pride. Brag about the person’s talents and achievements in front of other people.

Be attentive. Really listen to the person, concentrate on what he or she is saying. Show genuine interest and enthusiasm. Comment on what is being said, ask questions, and try to remember the conversation in case the topic comes up again. 

Remember what's going on in someone else's world. When you remain aware of the details of someone’s life, it shows genuine interest and caring about the person and what the person is experiencing in their daily life.

5 Simple Ways to Make Someone Else Feel Special

Most people like to feel important to their friends and loved ones. Making someone else feel special doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It can mean doing something as uncomplicated as saying “you look nice today,” “thank you,” or “good job.” Or it could be as easy as simply sharing a smile or a pat on the back. Very often, when you do or say something to make someone else feel special, it ends up brightening your day as well.

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