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Tip your housekeeper daily. If your stay is longer than one night, your room will probably be serviced by more than one housekeeper. Leaving one tip at the end of your stay will not reach all staff involved in keeping your room clean and fresh during your stay. Of course, a housekeeper who has been tipped for one day’s work also has more incentive to go above and beyond the next day.

Always request clean bedspreads and blankets for your room. Although reputable hotels and resorts launder bed sheets between guests, surprisingly, some do not wash bedspreads and blankets as often. Ask about bedspreads and blankets when making reservations, and mention your request again when checking in.

Call ahead to confirm special requests. People often request a non-smoking room, a room on a certain floor, or a specific choice between one or two beds. Call the hotel or resort a day or two before your arrival date to verify that special requests will be honored.

Ask for a room upgrade. It never hurts to ask for a room upgrade when you are checking into a hotel or resort. Your chances may be better if you arrive ahead of the standard check in time and ask when there is little traffic at the desk. You are more likely to get a positive response if you request an upgrade when no other guests are around.

Keep track of room rates after making your reservations. If the rate goes down, it may be worth canceling your reservations and rebooking at the lower rate. If it there are no vacancies available at the time, call the hotel or resort to speak with someone about changing your rate.

Always get a confirmation number. Having your confirmation number at hand when you check in will help avoid any confusion, mix-ups, or misunderstandings. If you book your reservation online, make sure to have a printout of your reservation with you at check-in.

Ask about renovations. Ask if the hotel or resort is undergoing renovations. If so, ask for your room to be in a location away from construction noise. Also ask if any rooms have been recently renovated. If so, request a newly renovated room. Renovated rooms offer a superior, more modern, and cleaner environment.

Do not use a 1-800 reservations number to make hotel or resort reservations. The people manning toll-free reservation lines work with a list of set prices. They do not have any "wiggle room" to negotiate. Call the hotel directly and speak to someone with the ability to reduce the price.

Tips for making reservations

Call the hotel or resort directly before making online reservations. Visit travel websites to find the best room rates available. Then call the hotel and ask if they would be willing to offer a lower rate. Hotels often pay a commission to online travel sites so will not lose anything by giving you a better deal than those found through the Internet.

Making hotel or resort reservations seems like a fairly straight forward task. However, the reservation process can be a bit of a coin toss. Very often, we never really know what we are getting until after we have checked in and can see for ourselves that everything is just as we hoped it would be. Here are some helpful tips to use the next time you make reservations at a hotel or resort.

Making Hotel or Resort reservations? Read these tips.

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