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House cleaning robots: Although the level of robot technology currently available to the masses does not address large cleaning tasks around the house, robotic vacuum cleaners and floor washing robots can help make some challenging smaller tasks a little easier to perform. A spill can be cleaned up with the touch of a button rather than struggling to use a traditional vacuum cleaner or floor mop. It probably won’t be all that long before we actually do have robots making our meals, dusting our shelves and doing our laundry.

Home Environment Monitors: Systems with sensors that can identify potential problems in the home setting, including anything from detecting a possible gas leak to determining when a person is not following his/her usual pattern of activity within the home. Some of these devices are able to control home appliances and utilities if the need arises. They can turn off a burner that has been left on or adjust water temperature in the sink or shower if it gets too hot.

Helping Us Live Independently Longer

Health monitors: Devices that include sensors with the ability to monitor, track, analyze, and report on our health and wellness, keeping tabs on everything from sleep patterns and activity levels to weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate and activity, temperature, skin response, and hydration. Most are wearable and some connect to smart phones or smart watches.

Americans are living longer. On average, today’s seasoned generations are living far longer than previous generations. Many of us are reaching ages well beyond those experienced by our parents or grandparents. 

There are challenges that come along with the increase in life expectancy, but most of us are doing whatever we can to make the most of the gift of our later years. We want to stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. Just living longer isn’t enough. We want to enjoy living longer. 

Fortunately, technology has advanced in amazing ways that can help us maintain and extend our health, independence, and quality of life. There are incredible devices available today designed specifically to help extend our ability to live well and independently. These emerging technologies support what is called “aging in place,” which means they are helping ensure our safety as we continue to live on our own in a home setting. 

Here are just a few of the aging supportive technologies now available:

New Technologies for the Home

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Medication Dispensers/Monitors: Many of us take medications on a regular basis. It can be easy to forget or mix up dosages. Medication dispensers and monitors are devices programmed to organize, dispense, and monitor the various drugs we may be taking on a regular basis. These devices help guard against overdose, missed dosages, and abuse. 

Age friendly smart phones: Cell phones designed for ease of use by people who find it difficult to use a traditional smart phone. Several manufacturers are now making simplified smart phones primarily for older users with physical limitations or little experience with current technologies.