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Future discounts - Organizations ordering our introductory newsletter package will automatically receive a discount on ALL future packages as they become available.

Space for your organization's logo and/or information on ALL materials - There are areas on the front and back of each newsletter where we will insert your logo and/or organization's contact information, including organization name, address, and telephone number. We'll also personalize the front and back of each puzzle page. 

12 newsletters personalized for your organization


Everything comes to your organization at once in one package so you get to decide how you want to publish and distribute Seasoned Times newsletters and puzzle pages. Materials are delivered to you via email as convenient PDF files that are easy to save and print.

​​12 issues of Seasoned Times newsletter- Two-page design prints on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

What does your organization receive in the Seasoned Times newsletter package?

8 puzzle pages personalized for your organization


What's the Seasoned Times newsletter all about?

Long shelf life. Content is timely, but not time sensitive. Your organization can print and distribute newsletters and puzzle pages today, tomorrow, or next year and their content will be relevant.

Fast delivery - Fill out our order form and we will send you an invoice by email for online payment by credit card. As soon as payment is received, we will personalize all Seasoned Times materials with your organization's logo and/or information and email everything to the email address your provide on the order form. The process is simple and fast!

​We’ve created the Seasoned Times newsletter to help senior centers... aging agencies... retirement and senior living communities... and other organizations support and empower people as they age. Seasoned Times is all about encouraging wise, healthy, and happy aging. Developed by an award-winning writer, the newsletter is useful and entertaining. It has a colorful, professional look. It’s enjoyable to read. It’s informative, fun, and designed to exercise minds.

Surprisingly affordable. The introductory Seasoned Times newsletter package (Including 12 newsletters and 8 puzzle pages) is designed to be affordable for all organizations... of all sizes and scopes.

Fun and activity-filled. In addition to 4 crossword puzzle pages and 4 word search pages, each of the 12 newsletters includes a word game and “Who Am I?” teaser.

Flexible schedule.Your organization decides when to print and distribute each newsletter and puzzle page. There's no order or schedule to follow. Every newsletter and puzzle page can stand alone.

See more about PRICING & ORDERINGFor more information, email louise@seasonedtimes.com

Quality customer service - Seasoned Times was created by people who truly care about helping to make aging a positive experience. We are dedicated to supporting organizations that benefit our nation's "seasoned" generations.

Expressly targeted. Tailored specifically to the interests and needs of generations making up the 55+ age group.

​​​Special LOW price for introductory package - We want the Seasoned Times Newsletter to be affordable for organizations of all sizes and scopes. While most professional newsletter writers, designers, and publishers charge substantially more to create just one single issue of a newsletter than we do for our entire introductory Seasoned Times newsletter package, we are providing everything included in the package for a one-time low cost. Organizations ordering our introductory newsletter package will automatically receive a discount on ALL future packages as they become available. 

Our newsletter package includes twelve (12) newsletters and eight (8) puzzle pages designed to print easily on standard paper from any computer printer. Each one personalized for your organization and delivered to you in one convenient package. You decide WHEN to distribute Seasoned Times, HOW to distribute Seasoned Times, WHERE to distribute Seasoned Times, and the QUANTITY you want or need of each individual newsletter or puzzle page. Print a handful or print hundreds. Have copies available in common areas where people gather... pass out copies at events or as folks wait for something to begin... mail copies to homes, email them, or provide them on your website. It's all up to you! COST AND ORDERING

Personalized.Your organization’s information is prominently displayed on every newsletter and every puzzle page.

 4 Seasoned Times crossword puzzle pages(with solutions) - Two-page design prints on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. 

​​Uplifting. Focuses on the “seasoned” years as an active, rewarding time of life that should be welcomed, respected, and enjoyed.

How much does the introductory Seasoned Times Newsletter package cost?

Unlimited copies.Because your organization is able to print Seasoned Times as desired, there’s no limit to how many copies you print. You also decide when and how you distribute them.

4 Seasoned Times crossword puzzle pages(with solutions) - Two-page design prints on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. 

Easy to print. Seasoned Times is designed to print on standard paper (8 ½ x 11) from any computer printer. Everything is delivered to your organization via email as convenient PDF files.

Engaging, informative, and enjoyable. Designed to interest, entertain, educate, and empower generations over 55 - with an appealing, colorful appearance that’s eye-catching and welcoming.

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