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Open Most Pesky Plastic Packs in 6 Steps

Run the knife slowly around the package to loosen the remaining three edges.

Grab a rotary can opener and a small kitchen knife (not sharp).

Take the kitchen knife and stick it inside the open edge of the plastic pack with the blade facing away from you.

Begin turning the can opener’s handle and continue turning until you get the other end of the package.

Hold the package on its side with its edge facing up.

Fit the bottom edge of the package in the can opener just like you would do to open up a can.

These days it seems like just about everything we buy comes contained in a hard shell of plastic. Some of these containers seem impossible to open and getting to your purchase can be an almost hopeless challenge.

Before throwing your hands in the air and giving up, always check to see if there are any lables or perforated lines that signal an easy open feature. Unfortunately, they often can be hardly noticeable and look like part of the packaging design. If you can’t find anything, here’s a tip that will help you get your purchase out of its wrapper without too much effort and with all contents intact… USE A CAN OPENER!