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Baskets are a sturdier alternative to bags. There are light weight varieties available. Most are easy to clean.

Don't use a bag at all. f you are purchasing smaller items that are lightweight and easy to carry, a bag may not be necessary.

Recycle your bags, whether paper or plastic. Both can be used numerous times without wearing out.

Buy your own reusable carry bags. There are many types of lightweight cloth or canvas bags available that are strong enough to hold groceries.

Keep your recycled or reusable bags in a convenient location so you have them at hand when it’s time to shop. 

Every time we get in line at the grocery store, we know what is coming…that familiar question “paper or plastic?” Before answering, many of us wonder which type of bag really is better for the environment.

Various studies have looked at whether paper or plastic grocery bags are actually more environmentally friendly. In most cases, neither comes out a clear cut winner. The reality is that both paper and plastic bags use up natural resources and cause significant pollution. The truly eco-friendly response to the question “paper or plastic?” is probably to answer “Neither. I brought my own.”

Here are some “greener” choices...

Paper or Plastic?
​Which is the "greener" choice...