Never put your credit card number on a postcard where anyone can see it. If it is necessary to mail your credit card number, only include credit card numbers on forms enclosed securely in an envelope. 

Never share your credit card number with anyone over the phone unless you’ve made the call to a reputable company.

Always make sure you know where your cards are at all times. 

Always report a lost or stolen card to the card issuer as soon as possible.

Monitor your account statements to make sure there are no unauthorized charges listed, and report any suspicious charges to the card issuer immediately.

Protecting Your Credit Cards

Cut up old cards before disposing of them, making sure to destroy the account number.

When charging online, make certain all charges are handled through a secure site and that the website offers a privacy policy.

If you are like a lot of people, the convenience of using credit and debit cards has made them a regular part of your life. Protecting against the loss, theft or misuse of these cards is very important.

Here are some ideas that can help… 


Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not carry it with you, and never share it. 

Invest in a paper shredder to shred bank and credit card statements, preapproved credit card offers, canceled checks, etc. before disposing of them.

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