age adds flavor


1. Oval or round objects surrounded by a shell from which life emerges - EGGS

2. To turn up the earth before planting seeds - PLOW

4. A piece of land planted with fruit trees - ORCHARD

5. Part of a fence that is used like a door to get into a field - GATE

7. A pen for confining poultry - COOP

8. An object made to resemble a person that is used to frighten birds - SCARECROW

11. A piece of grassland often used as a pasture or hayfield - MEADOW

14. A building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals - STABLE


2. A farm animal with a flat snout that roots around in the soil - PIG

3. A tower a farm that is used to store grain - SILO

6. A large pile of dried grass oven seen in fields - HAYSTACK

9. A dwelling that serves as the primary residence in an agricultural setting - FARMHOUSE

10. Tall plant grown for its whole yellow or white seeds, which are eaten cooked, made into flour, or fed to animals - CORN

12. A natural or chemical substance that is spread on land in order to make plants grow well - FERTILIZER

13. A large group of livestock - HERD

15. A barnyard bird that is very loud early in the morning - ROOSTER

16. The act of gathering a crop - HARVEST

"Down on the Farm" Crossword Puzzle Solution