1. A band of iron in the form of the letter “U” - HORSESHOE

3. A place of business where alcoholic drinks are served - SALOON

6. _____ the horses to the wagon - HITCH

10. A large hawk-like bird often seen soaring in wide circles - BUZZARD

11. A fast running motion - GALLOP

12. A case that attaches to a belt, strap or saddle to hold and transport a pistol - HOLSTER

13. An argument or disagreement that exists for a long time - FEUD

14. Spiked wheels positioned on a rider's heel and used to urge a horse to move - SPURS



"The Wild West" Crossword Puzzle Solution


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2. A large farm for raising livestock - RANCH

3. A foot support used when mounting and riding a horse - STIRRUP

4. Rope used to catch horses or steer - LASSO

5. A seat for someone riding an animal - SADDLE

7. A friendly greeting associated with the Wild West - HOWDY

8. A public official responsible for keeping the peace - SHERIFF

9. A criminal who is on the run - OUTLAW

11. A command to make a horse go faster - GIDDYUP