"Warm Blooded" Crossword Puzzle Solution

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1. A small wild doglike animal that’s smaller than a wolf - COYOTE

2. A small animal with a thin body and brown fur OR a sneaky person - WEASLE

3. A desert mammal with a long neck and one or two humps - CAMEL

4. A mammal with sharp, rigid quills - PORCUPINE

6. A small mammal with its own protective armor that lives underground - ARMADILLO

7. A large, shaggy mammal with hooves lives on prairies - BISON

10. A four-legged farm animal that looks a lot like a horse but has long ears and makes a braying noise - DONKEY

11. A wild doglike mammal that is known for being a scavenger and having a bark that sounds a lot like laughter - HYENA

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5. A flying mammal that looks similar to a mouse and is the inspiration for a fictional crime fighter - BAT

8. Captain & Tennille released a popular song named "_______ Love" in the ‘70s - MUSKRAT

9. A wild dog found in Australia - DINGO

10. The star of the television show “Flipper” was a __________ - DOLPHIN

12. A small mammal that rolls itself up in a ball when threatened and also stars in a popular video game with the name “Sonic” - HEDGEHOG

13. A mammal that leaps on its strong back legs, uses its tail for balance, and has a “pocket” - KANGAROO