"Bug Off" Crossword Puzzle Solution


2. An insect that is hunted and killed by another insect or animal is its victim or _____. - PREY

6. Sometimes migrates in vast swarms that cause extensive damage to crops - LOCUS

7. Can be seen gliding across the surface of a pond - WATERBUG

10. A winged insect that produces light - FIREFLY

12. Has long hind legs that are used for jumping- GRASSHOPPER

13. Bees ___________ plants, allowing them to produce seeds - POLINATE

15. Long, thin sensory appendages on the heads of insects - ANTENNAE


1. You don’t want to find one where you sleep - BEDBUG

3. A flying insect usually seen at night and attracted to light - MOTH

4. Another word for “insect” - BUG

5. A small, long-legged insect that sucks blood from people and animals and may carry serious diseases - MOSQUITO

7. Movable body appendage used for flying - WINGS

8. Feeds on wood and can be very destructive to homes - TERMITE

9. Has large, often brightly colored wings - BUTTERFLY

11. Feeds on your pet’s blood, causing the animal to scratch at its skin - FLEA

14. Lives in a social colony and builds hills - ANT


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