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"Gardening Jargon" Crossword Puzzle Solution

1. Stay away from me if you do not want to itch - POISONIVY

3. I am a type of soil that does not retain water or nutrients very well - SAND

4. Use me to feed your garden plants - FERTILIZER

6. I am a thick, unwanted grass - CRABGRASS

9. I am an edible plant, but my leaves are poisonous - RHUBARB

10. I can be a real problem for your lawn - DANDELION

11. I am a nocturnal animal that you do not want around your garden - RACOON


2. I am umbrella-shaped fungi - MUSHROOM

5. I am bad news for weeds, but too much of me can injure plants - HERBICIDE

7. I am a mixture of decayed organic material that can enrich soil - COMPOST

8. Do not use too much or too little of me - WATER

12. Spread me around to suppress weeds, but try not to overdo it. - MULCH

13. I am a type of soil that drains slowly and can damage plant roots - CLAY

14. I am a winged pest - FRUITFLY

15. I like to graze in gardens - DEER

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