1. A place to keep your car - GARAGE

3. A mixture of decaying garbage used as fertilizer - COMPOST

4. A shallow, usually square container on the ground where children play with shovels and pails - SANDBOX

6. A plant with a system of long stems that can spread out across the ground or climb a wall - VINE

9. A plant with bark, a trunk, and leaves - TREE

10. A device that sprays water across the lawn - SPRINKLER

13. Wild plants often growing where they are not wanted - WEEDS

15. A manmade body of water in the ground or above the ground where folks swim - POOL

"In the Yard" Crossword Puzzle Solution



2. A place to rest that’s suspended above the ground and often attached to two trees - HAMMOCK

5. The green stuff that makes up your lawn - GRASS

7. A seat suspended by ropes or chains that moves back and forth - SWING

8. An outdoor living space that usually has a hard surface - PATIO

10. A small roofed structure used to store things - SHED

11. A barrier enclosing an area or marking a boundary - FENCE

12. A plant that blooms - FLOWERS

14. A long seat that can fit more than one person - BENCH

16. A shelter for “Fido” - DOGHOUSE

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