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1. Open pastry with a filling or a word to describe a sour taste - TART

2. Frozen fruity mixture served for dessert or between courses to cleanse the palate - SHERBERT

4. An individual serving-sized pastry filled with custard and topped with chocolate icing - ÉCLAIR

5. Topping sometimes used on ice cream sundaes instead of whipped cream - MARSHMALLOW

9. She is one smart ______ - COOKIE

12. Rich cake usually multilayered - TORTE

Just Desserts Crossword Puzzle Solution


2. Italian frozen dessert made of ice cream, candied fruits, and pistachio nuts - SPUMONI

3. Mixture of well-beaten egg whites and sugar baked until crisp on the outside - MERINGUE

6. Rich dessert cake often made on a graham cracker crust and topped with a fruit sauce - CHEESECAKE

7. A small cake usually baked in a mold for multiple cakes - CUPCAKE

8. Pudding made with a grain similar to rice - TAPIOCA

10. Flavored, colored water frozen on a stick - POPCICLE

11. Coconut cookie - MACAROON

13. Italian ice cream - GELATO

14. A small square chocolate cake often containing nuts - BROWNIE

15. Dessert similar to an ice cream sundae - PARFAIT

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