1. Spread made of fruit and sugar OR to squeeze tightly into spot - JAM

3. To drink in honor of something OR a browned slice of bread - TOAST

5. Signed document equal to money OR to examine - CHECK

7. To sway back and forth OR a stone - ROCK

8. To jump in head-first with straight arms OR hole in the wall bar - DIVE

9. Party drink served in bowl OR to strike with fist - PUNCH

10. To move through the air OR small insect with two wings - FLY

11. Hard, grey metal OR to make clothes smooth - IRON


Noun AND Verb Crossword Puzzle Solution

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age adds flavor


2. Living thing often with stem, leaves, and roots OR to fix in position - PLANT

4. Small stick used to produce a flame OR to equal or complement - MATCH

6. To hand over something OR a gift - PRESENT

8. Bird that swims and lives near water OR to lower your head or head and body - DUCK

9. Area of land for public enjoyment OR to leave a vehicle in place - PARK

12. Ground or soil OR to come down in a spot - LAND

13. Increase in salary OR to move to a higher position - RAISE