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1. Bird with the color red on its chest area - ROBIN

2. Make Way for _________ - DUCKLINGS

5. Eventually morphs into a butterfly or moth - CATERPILLAR

6. A small creature with a large head and long tail that lives in water and develops into a frog - TADPOLE

7. A portable, usually circular cover used for rain or sun protection - UMBRELLA


3. What insects do when they move a substance from one plant to another to assist reproduction - POLINATE

4. A young bird, reptile, or fish recently emerged from an egg - HATCHLING

6. A bell-shaped flower on a stem that grows from a bulb - TULIP

8. A comfortable temperature that is not too hot - WARM

9. A structure where an animal, bird, or insect lives and lays eggs and/or takes care of its young - NEST

10. A gentle wind - BREEZE

11. Light, scattered rain - SHOWERS

12. A waterproof coat - SLICKER

13. Small pool of water on the ground - PUDDLE

14. Soft-hued color - PASTEL

15. A game played outside on a diamond - BASEBALL

"Spring Has Sprung" Crossword Puzzle Solution

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