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Slow down and relax. Take your time exploring when visiting a landmark or site so you get to really experience things. Notice and enjoy the little things. If you miss something, don't make a big deal deal about it. Let it go.

Try something new. Instead of focusing on the typical things you're used to doing when traveling, take a chance on something a little different. You might be surprised to stumble upon something really enjoyable. For example, taking a stroll through a local marketplace or art exhibit could introduce you to an aspect about the region you would never have known about otherwise.

Talk with the locals. Nobody knows a place better than the people who live there. Ask residents of the area for recommendations about places to go, sights worth seeing, and restaurants that offer the best food.

Why is it that vacations are supposed to be relaxing but so rarely are? Could it be because we try to fit too much in when we travel? Changing that scenario is the motivation behind a trend called “slow travel.” The idea is to switch over from a mindset of seeing and doing as much as possible during a vacation to one geared toward simply relaxing and really paying attention to, and truly enjoying, just a few things instead.

For lots of us, travel usually comes with a checklist of things we want to see and do, like visiting landmarks, attractions, museums, and popular restaurants. We fill up our days from sunrise to beyond sunset. But, when we give ourselves so much to accomplish in a short time, it can become impossible to fully immerse ourselves in each experience or to enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

In many cases, we simply can not see and do everything we want to in the short amount of time available to us. Pushing ourselves to get here and see that can be stressful and exhausting. When the vacation is over, we may be more tired and worn out than when it began.  And, when we’re back home again, we end up remembering all the rushing around we did while a way with more clarity than anything else.

When it comes to slow travel, the pace is more laid back. You might accomplish less than you're used to during a vacation, but the quality of each individual experience becomes much more important than the total number of experiences you have There’s no more racing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction and no pressure to have to see everything and do everything. You give yourself more time to become fully immersed in every experience.

Slow Travel Tips

Lighten up. Don’t feel like you have to do and see everything a spot has to offer in order to make your trip status worthy. Slow down and have fun.

Be an observer. Take time to look around. Sit on a park bench or in a café. Check out the scenery. Watch people. Smell the aromas in the air. Really experience your surroundings.

Slow Travel...
​A Relaxed Way to Travel

Walk around. Taking a leisurely stroll around a city or resort area can expose you to things you would never discover when you stick to an organized travel itinerary.

Don’t schedule every day in advance. Be open to experiencing a travel destination without a plan that’s set in stone. Instead,be flexible. Let your vacation unfold without expectations.