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4. State of body strength and health -FITNESS

6. Contact team sport played on slippery surface - HOCKEY

7. Two teams play on a rectangular court with nets at each end - BASKETBALL

10. Played by two teams on a diamond during several periods of play - BASEBALL

11. Hitting a ball with a specific body appendage inside a walled court - HANDBALL

13. An enclosed area for sports events - ARENA

15. Also known as “tenpins” - BOWLING

17. Record of feats achieved in a competitive event - SCORE


​1. A type of figure-skating jump - AXEL

2. Hitting a target with a straight thin shaft that has a pointed end - ARCHERY

3. Act of preventing an opponent from scoring - DEFENSE

4. Players toss an odd shaped ball around a rectangular field with goalposts at each end - FOOTBALL

5. Physical activities designed to display physical agility, strength, coordination, and grace - GYMNASTICS

8. Activities and games requiring physical skill and stamina - ATHLETICS

9. Shoes fashioned for outdoor sports - CLEATS

12. Played on an expanse of land with a series of holes in the ground - GOLF

14. Someone who plays a sport - ATHLETE

16. Vigorous sustained exercise - AEROBICS

"For the Love of Sports" Puzzle Solution

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