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age adds flavor


Talk with your doctor about seeing a mental health professional. There are many specialists trained to help those of us in our later years deal with feelings of stress and anxiety.

Get creative. Try writing in a journal or drawing in a sketch book

Try something different. Find a new hobby or activity you might enjoy.

Find ways to meet new people, such as volunteering, starting a book club or joining an organization.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating right and getting enough exercise.

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

Try practicing relaxation techniques, like guided meditation, imagery, yoga, etc.

Occupy your mind. Watch a favorite movie or read a good book.

At one time or another, everyone feels stressed out or anxious. No one is immune. But prolonged stress can be harmful to both physical and mental health. Thankfully, there are plenty of practical ways to combat the negative effects of stress.

Here are some helpful ideas:

Stress... It's Up to No Good