Salads. You may want to try using kale as a base for salads. It helps to use only the leaves, because the center stem is the sturdiest part of the vegetable and the most difficult to chew and digest.

Smoothies. If you enjoy drinking a smoothie, try adding some kale to your favorite recipe. You might be surprised at how much of the green stuff you can get in there without affecting the taste.​

You may enjoy the taste of kale, but… for a lot of people… it has a taste that takes some getting used to and a can be hard to embrace. Even so, there’s a whole lot to love about the leafy green’s nutritional and health benefits. In fact, kale may well be one of the healthiest vegetables you will ever put on your plate. It packs more nutritional punch than even the old fan favorite spinach, which once reigned supreme over all other leafy greens.

The number of health benefits attributed to Kale these days is almost mind-boggling. Kale seems to have something to contribute to almost every part of the body, from your brain and heart to your skin and hair. Kale is packed with minerals and vitamins, including vitamins C, A, and K. It also provides plenty of fiber and is high in antioxidants.

So why are some people a bit standoffish about adding Kale to their daily diet? Well, again, there’s the bitter taste. Kale also has a rather challenging texture. For a leafy vegetable, Kale can be quite tough and difficult to chew and digest. No worries though… if you decide to incorporate Kale into your diet, there are ways to do so that are actually pretty easy and even quite tasty.

Side dishes. There are many ways to prepare kale as a side dish. Most recipes include a little olive oil and some seasonings. Because of its tough texture, Kale may need to be cooked a little longer than other leafy greens like spinach or Swiss chard.​ The recipe below is pretty tasty!

Some Tasty Ways to Eat Kale

The Love Affair with Kale

Sandwiches. Any sandwich that includes a little iceberg lettuce or some facsimile can be made with kale instead. Yes, the taste might be a little different, but not so dramatically different that you won’t want to eat it. In fact, you may find the new flavor actually becomes appealing before too long.​


Chips. Kale chips are not exactly potato chips, but they are a tasty snack that is good for your health.


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