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Remember having fun with Balsa Wood Gliders? The lightweight toy airplanes were easy to put together, simple to fly, and provided hours of outdoor fun. Best of all… they were inexpensive. As a kid, there wasn’t much better than spending a sunny, summer afternoon watching your Balsa Wood Glider soar! Of course, it was pretty easy to end up with your glider stuck in the branches of a tree, on the roof of a house, or even smashed into pieces if it came in contact with a hard surface. Do you have fond childhood memories of Balsa Wood Gliders?

Do you like butter? 

Let ‘em soar!

Are you a Dennis fan?

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This n' That

Remember holding a buttercup flower under your chin to find out? According to old folklore, a yellow reflection under your chin means you enjoy the taste of butter. In reality, however, the reflection actually has to do with the makeup of the buttercup’s petals. The real reason it's petals produce a shine is to attract insects to the flower for pollination.

Love her or leave her?

Did you watch “Dennis the Menace” on Sunday nights before The Ed Sullivan show? Dennis was such fun to watch. He meant well, but was just SO energetic and curious he could not avoid getting into mischief. His escapades always ended up exasperating his often already grumpy neighbor Mr. Wilson. Remember all the “nerve medicine” Mrs. Wilson kept pouring out of the bottle spoonful by spoonful for her husband as she tried to calm him down? Through all the mayhem though, there always seemed to be a special bond of friendship between Dennis and Mr. Wilson… even if Mr. Wilson rarely let it show!

It’s a classic!

Remember when “Hippy Vans” were “all the rage?” Most Hippy Vans were redesigned VW vans. The VW Van was produced for the first time on March 8, 1950, but became most popular in the Unites States during the 1960’s when the “Hippy Van” came to symbolize the counterculture - or “hippy” - movement and the golden age of surfing. “Hippy Vans” were usually covered with colorful murals, flowers, and peace signs that were painted on them. Did you happen to own or ride in a “Hippy Van?”

Know all the words?

“Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” is the first line to the Three Dog Night hit “Joy To The World.” The fan favorite was #1 back in 1971. “Joy To The World” has some of the most nonsensical, yet well-known, lyrics of any song from the ‘70s. The reason the lyrics seem so silly is because the song was originally written by country singer Hoyt Axton for an animated children’s television show that never made it on air. The band’s unusual name “Three Dog Night” was derived from an old Aborigine saying referring to a night cold enough to sleep with three dogs for warmth. Do you sing along when you hear “Joy to the World?”

Mary Jane Candy was a staple of old-time penny candy shops. But children who frequented the shops were not all big fans! Some of us LOVED the molasses and peanut butter flavored candy with the taffy-like consistency… while others avoided those little rectangles of yellow wax paper with the one red stripe and spent our pennies on other treats instead. What did you think of Mary Jane Candy? Thumbs up or thumps down?