Most travelers have had it happen at some point… the dreaded low battery light flashes on a device like a phone or tablet when there's no electrical outlet available to recharge it. A portable battery charger makes it possible to charge your favorite devices anywhere. Some battery chargers can even power up multiple devices at once. There are also solar powered chargers that are great for folks who will be spending a lot of time out in nature and away from electrical outlets.

Luggage Tracker

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Lost luggage is always a worry when traveling. We’ve all heard the horror stories about a suitcase ending up in some distant location instead of its owner's travel destination... or, even worse, never seen again.  A luggage tracker allows you to monitor the location of your luggage throughout your journey. When you land at an airport, you will know if your suitcase has arrived as well and whether it has been removed from the airplane is on its way to the luggage claim area. Knowing the status and location of your luggage can give you peace of mind and make travel easier and more enjoyable.


Portable Luggage Scale

Noise Canceling Headphones


Flash Drive

Travel Gadgets You May Want

Portable Battery Charger

Noise canceling headphones
Portable Battery Charger

A flash drive is a small and convenient storage device that can hold large amounts of data. Flash drives can be useful while traveling, because they can hold important documents as well as video and audio files you may want to access while away. If you are taking medication or have a medical issue, you can keep a letter from your doctor on a flash drive in case you are ever asked for proof by airport personnel. You can keep a digital copy of confirmations and other correspondence from airlines, hotels, etc. You also can store eBooks, audiobooks and movies on a flash drive. Nowadays, you can always keep such things on an Internet cloud storage service, but accessing "the cloud" may be iffy in places with slow Internet connections or where there may be a security risk or privacy concern.

Sitting on a plane, train, or in a populated place with lots of background noise can be aggravating. The disturbing sounds of loud people, crying babies, screaming or even laughing children, or snoring sleepers can be hard to ignore. Noise canceling headphones block out background clatter. They can be used while listening to music or an audiobook or  just to cut out external noise if you are trying to sleep or simply want some peace and quiet.

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Some of us try to cram so much into our luggage that we end up panicked about whether or not our bags will be overweight when we get to the airport. Nobody wants to pay a fee for excess baggage weight. Having a travel luggage scale lets you know before you head out the door exactly how much a bag weighs. If you bring the scale along with you on your trip, you’ll be able to figure out how much weight any purchases will add to your bag.

Travel can be a hassle, especially while en route to your destination. Today, maintaining security for travelers has become a major challenge that affects the overall travel experience. In other ways, however, the changing times have made traveling a little easier. Over the past decade or so, technologies have popped up that are designed to benefit travelers. Here are just a few helpful travel gadgets you may want to pick up before you head away from home… if, that is, you don’t already own them.