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Removing lint from coat pockets. Coat pockets are catchalls. We throw in our gum wrappers, coins, receipts, tissues, and maybe even a snack. Stick a lint roller deep inside your coat pockets to get rid of the remnants of whatever may have been in there.

Picking up glass. Glass often shatters into small pieces that can very easily be left behind. First, remove all the glass shards that are easy to see and pick up. Then go over the area with a lint roller. You may be surprised to see all the tiny shards of broken glass it lifts.

Dusting lampshades. Lampshades can be difficult to dust, especially the pleated ones with all those nooks and crannies. Roll the lint roller over the shade and angle it to get into those difficult spots.

Whisking away a pesky or deceased insect. A lint roller is a hands-off way to get rid of an undesirable bug of either the crawling or flying variety. Live bugs are trapped by the lint roller’s adhesive so they can’t get away. The adhesive can also pick up a dead bug.

Removing dust from speakers. Dust seems to adhere to the material used on most stereo speakers. Very often, a traditional dusting cloth can somehow seem to add to the problem. But a few passes with a lint roller and a speaker quickly becomes dust-free.

Unexpected Uses for Your Lint Roller

Cleaning up spilled sugar. Sugar granules can be extremely difficult to clean up. Using a wet sponge or cloth can be messy. Just a few passes over the area of the spill with a lint roller and the sugar will come right up.

Getting debris out of the bottom of a purse. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep a purse pristine, it will collect debris of unknown origin deep down in its depths. Roll a lint roller around inside the purse and it will pick up all the mystery matter.

Most people have a lint roller or two stashed away somewhere in their homes. The lint roller is a handy, dandy little gadget that quickly and easily removes lint from fabrics. The tool is most commonly used on clothing and other fabric-covered items like sofas and curtains. But there are plenty of other uses for a lint roller. Here are just a few things to try with your link roller.