* Test in inconspicuous spot first.

Cleaning away crayon marks.* Rub on a small amount of mayo over the markings. Let sit for five to ten minutes. Wipe away mayo and crayon with a damp cloth.

Polishing the leaves of houseplants. Massage a tiny bit of mayo on each leaf and buff to a shine. 

Strengthen dry, brittle fingernails. Coat fingernails and cuticles with mayo. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then rinse. 

Unusual Uses for Mayonnaise


Removing tight rings from fingers. Work in mayo around and under the ring until it slides easily off your finger.

Getting rid of water rings on wood furniture.* Cover rings with a small amount of mayo and let sit for five to ten minutes. Then buff until rings are gone.

Conditioning hair. Shampoo your hair as usual. Towel dry. Slather on some mayo, making sure all your hair is covered. Leave in for about 15 minutes and wash again with a small amount of shampoo. Style hair as usual.

Mayonnaise has become an expected staple in most kitchens. Lots of us grab a jar of “mayo” without thinking much about it. We simply want to add a little something extra to a sandwich or keep chicken moist by adding a dollop or two of mayonnaise to a recipe. But there is a lot more to mayo than you may realize.

Did you know the main ingredients in mayonnaise are oil and egg yolks? Homemade mayonnaise contains raw egg yolks and so must be properly handled for safety and kept refrigerated. The eggs used in commercial mayonnaise are pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria, but it is still important to refrigerate store bought mayo after opening the jar.

Did you know there are a host of nontraditional uses for mayo that have nothing to do with consuming it? Check out the following unusual things you can do with mayonnaise. 


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