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Freshen "stinky" sneakers.  Sneakers and other cloth shoes can sometimes smell quite unappealing, especially if they are subjected to a lot of sweat and dirt. An occasional sprinkling of salt can make a big difference. Salt soaks up any moisture in the sneakers and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Put an end to garbage disposal odors. Garbage disposals make life a whole lot easier, but they can also make the kitchen a whole lot smellier. To stop those foul odors from taking over the environment, pour about ½ cup of salt down the drain, run the cold water, and start the disposal.Then say “so long” to any smell that was originating in your disposal.

Get rid of whatever is stuck on the bottom of your iron. Very often, an iron ends up with unidentified particles stuck on its soleplate and it can be hard to remove the stuff without damaging the iron. Salt can help. Spread out some newspaper on your ironing board, sprinkle salt on the paper, and then run your hot iron across the salt. Whatever is stuck should come off.

Stop frost buildup on car windshields. Salt is used all winter long to keep ice from freezing on driveways and walkways. It also can be used to protect automobile windshields from frost and ice. During winter months, keep some salt handy in your car. When you park your car outside for the night, rub some salt on your wet windshield. The next morning you will probably spend a lot less time preparing your car before heading out on the road.

Revive a dirty sponge. Sponges can get rather unpleasant rather quickly. When a sponge becomes overly soiled before its time, you can return it to a more pristine condition simply by giving the sponge a good overnight soak in some salty water. Dissolve about ¼ cup of salt in a quart of water, drop in your dirty sponge, and you should see a vast improvement the next morning.

Salt consumption is one of the most debated subjects in the field of nutrition. While most medical professionals and scientists agree that too much salt is not good for us, many do not agree on the specific amount of salt we should be consuming as part of a healthy diet.

If you’ve been told to cut back on salt, here are a few unusual and constructive uses for salt that have nothing to do with ingesting the substance.

Save on potting foam. If you have a lot of artificial flower arrangements around your home, there's probably plenty of potting foam keeping the flowers in place. Next time you put together an arrangement, try doing without the foam. Instead, fill the vase (must be waterproof) partially with some salt, add just enough cold water to moisten the salt, then stick the stems of the artificial flowers into the salt just as you would insert them into potting foam. When the water dries completely, the salt will solidify and hold your flowers firmly in place.

Unusual Uses for Salt

Keep new towels bright. How often have you purchased a new set of towels in the perfect color only to find their vibrant hue fades after just a washing or two? It happens all the time. Try adding a cup of salt to the first couple washings and you may be surprised to see how much less fading takes place.

Remove dust from artificial flowers. Like all types of home décor and knickknacks, artificial flowers collect dust. The problem is… removing dust from artificial flowers isn't always possible by conventional methods. If your artificial flowers begin to look dusty, simply use some salt to quickly return them to their former glory. Place some salt in a paper bag, add your artificial flowers, and shake gently. Voilà! Your flowers should come out clean and dust-free.

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