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age adds flavor


And remember, there is something quite youthful looking about a rosy glow!

When you feel a blush coming on, try drinking a glass of cold water to help cool down your body and regulate your coloring.

Practice being in the situations that usually make you
blush. Imagine yourself remaining calm, cool and collected instead.

When you start to feel the heat, relax and take some deep, slow breaths. Breathing evenly and relaxing can help calm the body.

Don’t worry about blushing. The more anxious you are, the more red you may become.

We have all felt that telltale warmth spread across our cheeks. It might happen when someone compliments us unexpectedly or if we've made some kind of silly blunder. Whatever the case, blushing is usually a response to feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. The reason our cheeks redden in certain situations and not others may be unique to our own individual makeup and experiences.

Although blushing is often triggered by an emotional response to a situation, it is actually an involuntary physical reaction. We blush when the blood vessels in our face open up and allow more blood to flow into them. The dilation and constriction of blood vessels is regulated by our sympathetic nervous system, which is not under our conscious control. 

As much as you might want to, it is impossible to make yourself blush or stop the process once it has begun. Some people find the following strategies can help manage blushing.

Why Do We Blush?