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Wondering About Your School Reunion?

“I was afraid nobody would recognize me and all the same clichés that existed in school would be exactly the same as umpteen years ago. I was wrong. In school, I was in the band and didn’t speak to sports jocks. At my most recent reunion, I sat at a table with the football team captain. We talked and laughed together all night long. He’s a great guy.”

“I lost contact with most of my early friends. So many years have gone by that I didn’t think there was a chance we’d ever reconnect. But when I saw them at a reunion, all the years melted away. It was as if we were back in school sitting at the cafeteria table. Now those of us who live within driving distance get together a few times a year.”

“The people I graduated with share my history. We have similar memories. We lived through the same things. Even though I don’t see them on a regular basis, these people feel almost like family. We have a bond, even those I may not have interacted with at all while in school. I wouldn’t miss a reunion for anything.”

“I was the ‘kingpin’ in school. Not anymore. I am not the great success everyone in school imagined I would be. I thought I’d be judged if I went to my reunions and a big disappointment to my classmates. I thought they’d all be laughing behind my back. But that isn’t how it went at all. Nope. At the reunion, they all seemed to like me better now than they did ‘back in the day.’ Now I loved going to my reunions!”

“I was afraid to go to my reunions. I wasn’t popular. I was a loner. But I made myself go to my 25th reunion and I’ve been going to every one of them since then. I have a wonderful time and spend the whole time talking to different people. I wish I started going to them sooner.”

“I connected with old classmates on Facebook, but I wondered what would happen if we were all in the same room. Well, some of us went to our reunion and saw each other for the first time since school. We had a real blast! It’s nice to know these friends are not just “Facebook friends,” they are real friends.”

If you have a school reunion coming up, you may be wondering whether or not you should attend. You may be weighing all the pros and cons. There certainly may be some cons, but most folks we’ve talked to who’ve gone to their school reunions ended up happy they decided to attend.

Here are some observations from people who weren't too sure about going to their school reunions but ended up happy with their decision to show up.

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