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age adds flavor


Personal touches  — Create your own wrapping paper by designing a collage of photos of family and friends on your computer, print it out, and wrap away! Or just glue photos to a paper bag and you have your own one-of-a-kind gift bag. If you are an artist, try painting or drawing on plain paper or bag to create an especially inspired design.

Enhancements — Add to the look of your present by attaching stickers, charms, ornaments, silk flowers, or candy. Get creative and stretch your imagination.

Colored tissue paper — It’s fun and dresses up any gift. Use it inside gift boxes and bags or even to wrap presents instead of traditional gift wrapping paper.

Gift tags —  Try using self-sticking tags so they won’t come off before they should. You can also cut up old greeting or birthday cards to use instead of tags — just add the “to” and “from” and tape them to the parcel.

When it comes to gift giving, first impressions matter. Eye-catching wrapping is like icing on a cake. It creates a mood and makes everyone feel more festive. Pulling off bows, tearing at paper, and unfolding tissue are all part of the fun. With some advanced planning and a little inspiration, extra special gift wrapping can be a snap. 

Here are some helpful items that can help make the gifts you give look more festive:

Gift Wrapping Matters